Striving To Be the Premier Inspection Software Provider in the U.S...

This is our goal and the commitment we make each day to our clients, partners, shareholders and employees. We are dedicated to preserving our core values while remaining open to growth and changes within the inspection industry.

Sybatech is a new, forward thinking, and growing company providing inspection software and services. The foundation of our business is a commitment to excellence in customer service and ensuring productivity through administrative efficiency.

Sybatech, Inc. brings a considerable pool of product and marketing strengths to the mobile inspection marketplace. In terms of product strength, CodePal has several distinct advantages over the competition.

Sybatech, Inc.’s greatest strength is the innovative approach it has taken in the design and development of its solutions. Not only are our products efficient, but Sybatech has developed other internal processes that allow us to be as efficient as our software. These processes and tools that we have developed enable us to roll out changes and new developments quicker than our competitors. This means that the latest breakthroughs in design will be tested and implemented here before comparable products are even off the drawing board at competing companies.

Sybatech is approachable and reachable by our customers for similar reasons. We make it a point to make sure a person - not a machine - answers the phone during regular business hours. Our approach to support is one of relationship. We offer our customers access to someone who can train them online rather than expecting them to read documentation. We provide documentation, but we understand that people are easily frustrated with software and we know that if we lead them through the tough spots, they will be more inclined to tell their friends about our products and services.

In the corporate arena, Sybatech, Inc. is supported by the reputation we have with our customers. We have recently added a forum for our customers so that they can communicate with one another online. This will help CodePal gain even more of a web presence. Even though we are a small company, we present a large company appearance because we can implement customers more quickly with fewer workers. We utilize the same approach in our own business processes that we enable for our customers. Sybatech knows how to be productive with our customers and get them up and running with the fewest steps.

Because of the Homeland Security issues in our country today, our focus has expanded not only to fire or building safety and services, but to any business, organization, or agency that does inspections in the field. Our staff is dedicated to the service of our clients and to our corporate values.