Sybatech History

Sybatech was started in May 2003 with good customer service as the focus. Our original goal was to build a business which focused on the Springfield Illinois area and offered affordable technological solutions to small businesses. We found that our focus was too broad and our market too narrow.

In September, 2003 we became engaged in researching a solution for performing fire safety inspections in the field. The solution would need to provide clients a method for collecting data in the field, consistency in use for all inspectors, and automated processes for data maintenance and reporting.

By January 2004, Sybatech had a pilot system developed and we named it CodePal. This system was written using MS Access, and utilized personal digital assistants (PDA's) to collect data and synchronize to a PC application. We installed CodePal in 3 different locations with good results. However, although the software was functional, CodePal was not the enterprise level product Sybatech wanted to provide.

In October 2004, we rolled out a version of CodePal that was developed using the most current development tools. We believe the results have given us the best inspection software in the marketplace today.

By April 2007 CodePal was being used in many fire departments throughout the continental United States. With the feedback from these customers Sybatech was able to introduce CodePal version 5 that implemented the wants and needs of departments across the country.

During 2007 Sybatech began introducing CodePal to other organizations that perform inspections and through feedback and hands-on setup and implementation began developing CodePal version 6 (released January 2008) into a product that fit the needs of any inspection industry.

Each year Sybatech strives to bring a whole new level of functionality to our solutions by working one-on-one with our customers throughout the installation, setup, training and implementation of CodePal. Sybatech takes this one step further by offering support that is second to none. Beginning as primarily Fire Inspection software, CodePal is now being used by Building Departments, Sprinkler & Alarm Companies, Plan Review Departments, Airports, Property Maintenance, Security Agencies, and the United States Air Force.

Sybatech customers and prospective customers can expect to see similar customer derived enhancements to CodePal with the release of version 8 scheduled for early 2011.