Other Products


DataBoss comes packaged with CodePal. This powerful SQL Database tool is designed to simplify the connection and replication processes necessary for the operation of CodePal. DataBoss has recently been enhanced to act as an aid in debugging data problems and to provide scheduled backups of the CodePal database.


Dyna-Sync provides DBM and IT professionals with a tool to easily migrate data to and from the CodePal database. Conversion of data from diverse database models into the CodePal database is made easy through a visual interface that allows the user to quickly design data transformations that provide one-way or bi-directional transfer of data. One-way and bi-directional data conversion may be obtained from mainframe formats, PC formats, spreadsheets, or flat files. Please call our sales staff to discuss the ways Dyna-Sync will be able to provide easy data management between CodePal and your currently established systems.